Eddo's review

Manager Steve Edmondson on his hopes and aspirations for 2019-20.

Well after all that the club has been through over the last year or so its been a case of rebuilding. We have had to start from ground zero and go out and recruit a whole new squad of players, which to everyones credit we have managed to do and I am really pleased with the quality of players we have. 

Another thing that is impressing me, apart from the players 100% commitment  is the really enjoyable environment being created around the club Obviously we will need time to get the lads to gel, but I am really confident having watched the players in a number of pre season friendlies that it will be a significant improvement to what we endured last season.

Like every club at the start of the season we are hoping to be competitive and be up there challenging for silverware at the end of the season, but given our circumstances and the problems the club has faced, the reality is aiming for a mid table spot and some decent cup runs, which would be a fantastic season and allow us to build further in the following season. That said confidence is everything and if we get off to a good start theres no saying what we can't achieve this season.

Our infrastructure is stronger than last season with the addition of a reserve team and a scouting network that will help us identify players should we need them now or in the future.

The supporters are vital to the process in having a successful team and ideally we would want them to come and support their team. We are going to have peaks and troughs this season and some fans will get agitated and revert to social media to vent their frustration, which I can understand, but they must realise  we won't be putting teams out to lose and negative SM comments can really effect a  team and players confidence. 

I can assure every supporter that the management and  players will be giving 100% for the club to make our community proud of their football team.

Up the Mintcakes

Steve Ed.